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  • NX-7000 uses 1200 dpi Blue Eye technology to generate a high contrast image and provide tracking accuracy. It is friendly to use on dusted glass, marble, carpet, or various types of furniture.  
  • The nifty color design makes for a more positive user experience. Color options include: spring green, pure white, calm black, ocean blue and passion red.
  • Our receiver can connect with seven additional Genius mice. No more worrying if you were to lose a receiver from one of our new Genius wireless mice. You can use the same receiver for multiple mousse.
  • For the latest compatible models, you can visit the mice product
  • The contoured shape feels great in either hand and gives you maximum comfort for all-day use.
  • When you are on the go, you can store the receiver in the bottom of the mouse.



RF Frequency : 2.4 GHz

Number of buttons : 3 (left, right, middle button with scroll)

Resolution (DPI) : 800 \ 1200 \ 1600

Sensor engine : BlueEye



58 x 100 x 39 mm (2.28 x 3.94 x 1.54 inches)

Genius - NX-7000 - Black

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צבע: Metal Black

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