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LOGITECH DESK MAT - STUDIO SERIES : Beautiful and comfortable desk mat with anti-slip base and spill-resistant design. Meet the accessory that takes your workspace to the next level, perfectly complementing your Logitech tools. Get the fresh pop of color you crave, the comfort you need, and the desk protection you expect.



ELEVATE YOUR SPACE : Boost your space and protect your desk. The soft cloth mat delivers style and comfort. Get it in Lavender, Dark Rose or Mid Gray.

SPILL RESISTANT : Logitech Desk Mat features a spill-proof coating that withstands accidental mishaps, so liquids can easily be wiped away.

ALL GLIDE. NO SLIDE : The soft surface fabric provides a comfortable mousing experience, while the rubber anti-slip base prevents sliding on any surface, keeping a firm hold on your desk no matter what.

BEAUTY THAT LASTS : Carefully selected materials that prevent the mat from wrinkling and shrinking, while a flat-stitched design protects the edges from fraying. The anti-slip base features natural rubber, while the soft, comfortable surface fabric and inner layer are made from recycled polyester, giving a second life to PET bottles.

MIX, MATCH, PAIR : Get the curated workspace that unleashes your personality. Logitech Desk Mat pairs perfectly with the playful Logitech POP Mouse and mechanical Logitech POP Keys with customizable emoji keys. Add a modern webcam and headset to complete your work-from-home setup. Great video and audio go a long way in boosting communication in virtual meetings and presentations.



Warranty : 1 Year


Brand : Logitech

Model : Logitech DESK MAT Studio Series


Dimensions :11.81 x 27.55 x 0.08 in / 300 x 700 x 2 mm

Weight : 10.09 oz / 286 g


Materials : 

  • Surface & Inner Layer
  • 72% Natural rubber
  • Nylon + Polyester



  • Desk Mat
  • User Documentation


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Logitech - Studio Series - Desk Mat - 70x30

145.00 ₪ מחיר רגיל
99.00 ₪מחיר מבצע

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