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Comprehensive equipment for all racing situations, with 2 paddle shifters, 9 action buttons, 1 Manettino, 1 D-Pad, 1 Xbox Guide button and 1 pairing detection LED for Kinect. 2 red textured rubber grips, inspired by motor sports, ensuring optimum comfort when using the 28 cm diameter, 7/10 replica of the Ferrari 458 Spider's racing wheel. Wheelbase featuring Thrustmaster's patented Bungee Cord mechanism, delivering linear resistance for greater comfort and intuitive control. With its adjustable steering sensitivity, automatic centering feature and 240 Degree rotation angle, the racing wheel offers unrivalled precision. Pedal set featuring a wide footrest, pedals whose angle of inclination can be adjusted, and a brake pedal with progressive resistance, delivering a customizable experience and ensuring realistic racing sensations.



  • Made for XBOX ONE/SERIES
  • Racing Gaming Wheel
  • 2-Pedal Pedal Set
  • 7/10 replica of the FERRARI 458 SPIDER racing wheel
  • Wheel base featuring the ‘Bungee Cord’ mechanism, offering linear resistance (automatic centering system patented by Thrustmaster)
  • Adjustable wheel sensitivity
  • Kinect detection LED
  • Central clamping system
  • Wide adjustable pedal set



Warranty : 1 Year


Brand : Thrustmaster

Model : Ferrari 458 Spider


Type : Racing Wheel

Compatibility : XBOX ONE, XBOX SERIES


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Racing Wheel - Thrustmaster - Ferrari 458 Spider (XBOX ONE/SERIES)

799.00 ₪ מחיר רגיל
650.00 ₪מחיר מבצע

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