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GO THIN TO WIN : Gain the winning edge with the Razer Sphex V3—the latest iteration of our thinnest hard gaming mouse mat, now 20% thinner and available in a larger size. Refreshed with a sleek, black look, it’s also been improved with a smoother surface that’s anchored by an adhesive base for stable control.



    SMOOTH, ULTRA-THIN 0.4MM DESIGN : Its hard, smoother surface offers fluid, accurate tracking optimized for optical sensors, while its profile is 20% thinner to seamlessly become part of your desk. Available in Small and Large sizes.

    TOUGH POLYCARBONATE BUILD : Lab-tested to have incredible impact, rip, and tear strength, the Razer Sphex V3 gaming mouse mat is well equipped to handle long hours of intense, competitive gaming.

    ADHESIVE BASE : The gaming mouse mat’s adhesive base helps it stay anchored to your desk through the most intense sessions but is easy enough to remove without leaving any sticky residue on your setup.



    Warranty : 1 Year


    Brand : Razer

    Model : Sphex V3


    Size :

    Dimensions : 450 x 400 mm / 17.72 x 15.74”

    Thickness : 0.4mm / 0.01"

    Surface : Hard

    Mat type : Hard


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    Razer - Razer Sphex V3 - Ultra-Thin Gaming Mouse Mat - 45x40

    149.00 ₪ מחיר רגיל
    99.00 ₪מחיר מבצע
    צבע: שחור

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